French windows
Raised windows
Ecology and durability

Bartkowiak Company Windows help to protect the environment. The Wood is taken from specially grown trees and the high quality of final products makes that it is the buy for many years.

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The safety of your family

We know how important is the safety of family. That’s why we offer products which satisfy the quality requirements such as anti-theft windows and doors.

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Windows and door are the most important element during building a house.

High precise work and the good quality materials also guarantee safety.

It is worth choosing the windows and door which will stay with us for many years. By investing in quality we assure us of calm and... more

Windows and door in historic buildings are a challenge. Restorer’s requirements often determines how they should look like and how they should be made. We take up the challenge because we know that our production methods let us take care of every detail and produce untypical elements.

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