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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The Windows are used mostly in old buildings. They have frame combined with two window frames (outer and inner).

The door are adjoned to the frame. They are like one piece with a wall.

The doors are used in toilets and bathroom. Equipped with blockade lock and ventilation holes ensuring the air circulation.

The door are covered by veneered panels which are natural (the thickness about 1 mm) and synthetic made of PCV foil.

The bi-fold door is a unique design and the joy of the boundless space. The door leafs fold on one side into 2, 3 or more pieces. This gives access to full, unblocked way out, which results in the feeling of free space between the house and the... more

Sliding door is the specific good which helps to free use the space in a room. There are two type of the door: outer and inner ones.

The doors are equipped with multipoint lock which blocks the leaf in the handle in at least three points. It is required to have the filling with the certificate. Very important element in doors opening to outdoor side is putting the antiforce... more

The price mostly depends on the materials, additional elements, measurements and more untypical customer’s requirements.

To limit and prevent from water vapour condensation on Glass we can suggest the following solutions:
Using dualchamber glass
Using warm distance frames in glass
Using ventilators in rooms where is higher humidity
Practical... more

We use proven types of Wood, namely pine, oak and meranti. You can choose solid or combined. It is possible to use other types of wood according to the customer’s needs.

We have basic azure colour paint (paint shows the structure of wood) and coat paint according to RAL and NCS colours.

Delivery time depends on the distance to our customer. The production time of standard goods is about 6-8 weeks from the advance payment and signing the contract. It is possible to make express order.

Yes, it is possibile but the temperature cannot be lower than 6 Celcius degree.

First of all you have to contact with the sales department. You can contact directly, by phone or by e-mail.

In our windows we can put additional ventilators or use microventilation function.

If the window is fixed properly one of the cause may be the used microventilation function, damaged seal or half-opened window.

The main factors of changing windows or doors are: the lack of tightness, functions not fulfilling today norms, the old construction, low thermal isolation, low using ergonomics, low soundproof and esthetic reasons.

They have different construction, technology and the place of used.

We produce front door with 68mm tkickness, solid material, painted with acrylic varnish which prevent door from outer weather conditions. The door have typical for outer... more

We match our products for our customer’s needs, we do not force our measurements charts.

Wooden Windows have a lot of advantages, namely:
It is natural and ecological product
Wood has been proved for ages
Wooden windows are solid; after some time it is possible to refresh and repaint them
Modern wooden windows... more

Left door have fringes on the left side of door leaf and analogical right door have fringes on the right side of door leaf.

The most important thing is the fact that fringes should be the highest quality, comfortable in using, ergonomic and mostly safe.

Because of the frequency of using the fringes, the most important is their working life. So we take fringes... more